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The Future Of Occlusion Control

Our vision was to combine the traditional and digital presentation of the masticatory forces on occlusal surfaces. Our new product OccluSense® has made this vision come true.

OccluSense® System

Oc·clu·sense | [uh-kloo-sent(t)s]

The OccluSense® system consists of the handheld device, inductive charger, a test sensor, and one box of 25 OccluSense® sensors.

OccluSense® Handheld Device

The new system developed by Bausch combines the traditional and digital registration of the pressure distribution on occlusal surfaces. The OccluSense® used in combination with the OccluSense® sensors is applied exactly like conventional occlusion test foils. The patient masticatory pressure distribution is recorded digitally in 256 pressure levels and then transmitted to the OccluSense® – iPad app for further evaluation. Recordings are stored in the patient management system of the iPad and can be reviewed or exported at any time.

OccluSense® Electronic Pressure Sensor.

  • 60 microns thin
  • flexible
  • color coated

The thin and flexible material permits the recording of both static and dynamic occlusion. Additionally, the red color coated sensor marks the occlusal contacts on the patient’s teeth.

Product Numbers



Product No.:
1 full kit
BK 5000
OccluSense® Sensors
25 pieces
BK 5025
OccluSense® Sensors XL
25 pieces
BK 5035

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“I can't tell you how appreciative I am for your help and support of the OccluSense. I love it. I have a dental practice that periodically needs to analyze and treat difficult occlusal problems and sometimes demonstrate these problems to the patients. The OccluSense has been amazing and has saved me time and money by treating patients more efficiently. Almost more important to me has been the customer service from you and your organization. I initially had some issues setting up the OccluSense, which turned out to be my WIFI system. Throughout the setup process, you were always available with suggestions and resources that I rarely find with other equipment purchases. I have practiced long enough to know that the positive relationships that I have with my office's support groups can make my life much easier and more efficient. You guys have exceeded my expectations.”

Michael T Rosen, DDS, MS, FAGD, LVIF, D.ABDSM

“Nowadays, when dentists have to deal with highly complex material mixes and restorations of different resilience (e.g., tooth/implant) as well as functional problems, OccluSense shows its strength.

The improved check of the occlusal and functional situation provides patients and dentists with additional certainty, e.g., with more extensive restorative care, not to mention today's obligatory documentation requirement.

And: the handling of the device is easy!

For me, OccluSense® is one of the greatest innovations in dentistry recently.”

Dr. Med. Dent. Hubert Redelberger

“In the registration made with the OccluSense, it is evident that all the force is concentrated in a particular tooth at the beginning of the maximum intercuspation, which indicates that this tooth would have a premature contact. We then observe how the load is progressively distributed in the rest of the dental structures until reaching the maximum dental contact. If we only observed the marks obtained after using the articulating paper without the use of the OccluSense, it would not be possible to affirm that this tooth is receiving 100% of the load at the beginning of maximum intercuspation.”

Dr. José Mª Suárez Feito, The Dawson Academy Spain

“I consider the OccluSense an excellent digital alternative, which makes it easier for me to identify and quantify occlusal relationships with ease, and it becomes an ideal tool since it provides images and videos of the different contacts and occlusal load percentages, this, in turn, allows us to archive the digital occlusal medical history of our patients.”

Dr. Arturo Fernández Pedrero, Occlusion Post Graduate Professor. UNAM School of Dentistry (Mexico)

The OccluSense®-iPad-App has been developed for the following Apple iPad models:

Installation on an iPad mini is not recommended. In order to use the app in full functionality, the system must be registered first within the app. The instructions for the installation and registration can be found in chapter 10 of the owner’s manual.

Please click here to visit iPad Compatibility List on the OccluSense® website. Scroll to the bottom of the page for COMPATIBLE IPAD MODELS.

Clinical benefit

Using this system it is possible to check the patient´s masticatory pressure distribution.

In comparison to traditional occlusion test materials (papers, foils), the system does not only show the local premature contacts on the occlusal surfaces of the teeth, but due to the OccluSense®-iPad-App it is possible to see a graphical representation of occlusal pressure conditions on the iPad.

It is possible to visualize the proportion of the masticatory forces of the entire dental arch and thus a support for the practitioner for further patient-oriented therapy planning is provided. Several recordings can be compared, e.g. before and after dental treatment, and can be saved on the iPad for documentation purposes.

Therapeutic measures must not be applied on the basis of the data of the OccluSense®System only, further information is required, in order to achieve a comprehensive diagnosis. The representation of the masticatory forces does not allow any conclusions regarding the actual exerted forces (absolute values). These are relative value representations.

The Bausch OccluSense system

Technology Editor Dr. Paul Feuerstein discusses Bausch’s OccluSense with developer André Bausch